Wantable Review – February 2016


After falling madly in love with Stitch Fix, I decided to see what other services were out there to satisfy my new desire to receive gorgeous pieces in my mailbox. I came across Wantable – Style Edit.

This service works very similar to the way Stitch fix does. You pay a $20 style fee and they send you 5 items that fit your style profile. You try on what you like and return the rest via a prepaid envelope. The only difference is, Stitch fix offers a 25% credit for keeping all 5 items and Wantable only offers 20% for a “5/5” box.

So if you want to give Wantable a try, use my referral link HERE. This gives me a $10 credit so I can afford to keep reviewing these boxes for you 😉

Without further ado, below is what I received in my very first box with Wantable.


Tank - Front.jpg



This tank is a very cute pattern and the color is nice on me. The material is a bit thin for the price, but its a good spring, summer layering piece. Unfortunately, it is a razor back tank. As a rule, I do not buy anything that I cannot wear a regular bra with so unfortunately, this one is OUT.

Tank - back.jpg




Shirt - front.jpg



I’m not sure what this one is…? It’s see-through,it’s thin. It’s white…which for a mother of a toddler boy, is a TERRIBLE idea. And also, it’s just very odd. This is a clear and concise NO THANK YOU.





This is a cute, lightweight jacket. I have seen a lot of girls keeping this item. For me, it just didn’t fill any needs in my wardrobe and I didn’t see myself grabbing it over some of my other favorite pieces.




Oooo good quality denim. Stitch fix was the first to introduce me to the wonders of “butter” pants. They are soft and stretchy and amazing. I do have to say, this was the first pair of denim I have tried on that fit my waist-high enough to perfectly hide that mommy “pouch” and I think they may have even been softer than my SF jeans. (shh don’t tell stitchfix) These are a keeper but I think they officially cut me off from purchasing any more jeans for a while.




After trying this on, I actually had to go back and check that I hadn’t selected “yes” under Pregnant by mistake. While I can appreciate a loose-fitting top, this was a bit ridiculous. After a good laugh, this was went back.


So I only kept the jeans. While that may seem like a “fail” I am very happy with getting a pair of very nice denim without having to brave the mall. I intend to try Wantable again and see how they take my feedback.


Let me know what you think!