Moda-Box Review – March 2016


Moda-box is a clothing subscription service based out of New York. You fill out a style profile online and based on your answers, you are matched with one of their six stylists. You then choose between one of three boxes. The Select box, where you pay a $19 styling fee and they send you 2 fully styled outfits. The premier box, where you pay a $29 styling fee and they send you 4 outfits. Lastly you can choose the Luxe box, where you pay a $39 styling fee and they mail you 6+ outfits. All styling fees are applied towards whatever clothing you decide to keep. As always, shipping is free both ways and you can return anything you don’t like.

Let’s get to the fun part!


modabox floral flare dress

I am still not sure how I feel about this dress. My husband loved it, but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I looked like I was about to go to prom in the 80’s. At the end of the day, I just didn’t feel like it would make it out of my closet, so this one was returned. I may regret that…what do you think, would you have kept it?

moda-box floral flare dress



This dress is so my style and I didn’t even know until it came. It feels very 1950’s with the gathering on the skirt. There is a cute little green bird pattern on it and the fabric quality is top-notch.

Plus, the back has a fun cut out which perfectly shows off my tattoo!

moda box review

And, as if that isn’t enough to sell you, IT HAS POCKETS. I know I am not the only girl who gets irrationally excited about a dress with pockets!

moda box review


modabox review

You can see from the close-up, the gathering on the dress was not the most flattering on me. Unfortunately, I was not able to take a full body shot because there is a sexy little V cutout that goes directly up to my you-know-what and is not appropriate for the internet! I am not sure what the thought process was on the design of this dress, but it did not work on me.

moda box review


modabox review

I mentioned to my stylist, Monica, that I did not have a little black dress. This was a cute little solution to that hole in my closet. The material was thick and nice and the fit was flattering. I just didn’t think it was anything too special (yes, I know, a LBD is supposed to be timeless) and maybe that is why I don’t own a little black dress. If I was going to buy a simple black dress, I do think this would have made a great choice. The beading on the top was fun and almost swayed me.

moda box

I’m sure you know about my love affair with Stitchfix. All in all, this service was comparable as far as price and quality. I did love that their styles were more outside the box. I felt like they sent me more “retro” pieces, which is something that I love. I will definitely be ordering another Moda-box!

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Let me know what you think!