Hello Kitty Café Truck

The Hello Kitty Café Truck came to the woodlands! I had no idea what I was getting myself into on this one. My sister invited me to come with her and her daughter to try out the Hello Kitty Café truck when it made its special appearance in our town (it is traveling the country). Silly me, I brought my potty training son to what turned out to be a two-hour line of crazed Hello Kitty fans (of all ages).


The kids were very excited that morning to go see the “kitty truck”. Though I did find out once we arrived that Elliott was hoping to drive it (ha, boys). After some minor disappointment, he agreed to wait in line for the sweet treats I promised. Speaking of the line…

Hello Kitty Cafe Truck


We got there right around 10am (when the truck would begin serving) but the line was already wrapped pretty far. It ended up taking about 2 hours to get to the front. It turns out we made the right choice getting there when we did. There were some girls who waited a lot longer than we did. I am not usually a fan of letting my son play with electronics, but I was very happy that Nana had games on her phone today. The toddler was successfully distracted for most of the wait.

hello kitty cafe truck

The line wasn’t all bad though, we did run into some fun people who brought “Hello Kitty Fan” to a new level. There were girls in full body Kitty onesies, as well as all sorts of Hello Kitty accessories.

Hello Kitty Camera Hello Kitty Selfie stick

The truck itself was adorable. It was decorated from bumper to bumper with fun little bows on the hub caps. They had obviously not gone cheap on making sure this truck would be recognized. We had fun taking photos of it and Elliott kept running up to inspect the cute little macaroons and donuts on the side.

Hello Kitty Cafe TruckThe menu featured cute little bite sized treats such as macaroons and petit fours as well as some merchandise like a coffee mug (so cute) and t-shirts. Everything was decorated beautifully. Also, if you spent more than $25 (on food) you got a free hello kitty tote.

Hello Kitty Cafe Truck Menu

By the time we reached the front of the line they were out of donuts, but we ended up ordering almost everything else on the menu.

Hello Kitty bow water



See below some of the cute little options offered.

Hello kitty cafe truck cakes hello kitty cafe truck cookies

Let me know what you think!