Bombfell Review – February 2016

So my husband, Jeremy has begun to get a little jealous of all of the fun I am having with these clothing boxes. He decided to give it a try himself and found Bombfell . There is no styling fee, but they only mail you 3-5 items to try on. You get 10 days (now I’m jealous) and they only bill you for what you keep. It took some convincing, but I got him to do a little fashion show for us.


bombfell bombfell

This sweater was very soft and the coloring would go well with just about anything. Unfortunately, it was a bit outside his comfort zone. He is not quite ready to branch out this much, and it was a bit short on his waist anyways.



bombfell bombfell


You can’t really tell from the photo, but this polo has little pink diamonds all over it. The inside collar is also light pink, which I think is a nice little touch. I rather like this shirt on him, but as you can tell, it was tight on his arms. He didn’t really see himself wearing something that isn’t comfortable so this one went back as well.





This one was actually a lot more his style. The colors are great and brought out his eyes. The quality was very nice with thick material. Unfortunately, this was so much his style, he has 2 shirts that are almost identical. (no I don’t know why he bought the second one) So this one goes back, but it does show that Bombfell has things that are his style, which is encouraging!


So, everything went back this time. I think we both had fun with this though and we’re looking forward to his next Bombfell box.





Let me know what you think!